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“Incredible place where it now has been proved to us that it is possible to change our lifestyle. We will highly recommend to our friends.”Björn

“I feel like a new person, or perhaps like the person I used to be. I feel great. Thank you Janesh Vaidya.” Miriam

“Inspiring yoga, fantastic food, lovely treatments and the magical environment, nature and surroundings.” Sara

“I will never forget the treatments at Janesh Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village!” Anita

“Had one of my best times in life here and truly enjoyed my time in this village. Met some great people and learned a lot.” Maria

“We are grateful to have found Janesh Vaidya’s place. This is so much more than a spa/health retreat.” Eva

“What can silence, reflection, healing food and treatments do for the body and mind? More than can be imagined. Stress is released day by day, inner strength and truth can finally come to the surface, giving clarity and focus for next steps in the unfolding of the richness of life. With more connection, presence and consciousness it’s easier to make decisions from the heart and live in harmony with the inner peace that always is carried within us. Thanks to Janesh Vaidya and staff at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village for two weeks of love, caring and insights.” Nina

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