Thali copy Vaidyas Ayurveda VillageAlways keep a mantra in your head that, ‘food is my medicine’. In traditional ayurveda food is the only medicine you need to prevent or cure an illness. In Vaidyas Ayurveda Village our dietitian will design ayurveda adapted vegan meal program for each guest.

It is an old tradition in India that at every meal time we sit in front of the food and meditate for a few seconds to remember the preciousness of the food in our life. In the silence of our meditation we thank the universal power who created the seed, we thank the nature and the farmer who took care of the seed and helped it grow into a plant, we thank for all the hard work behind the creation of each molecule of food until it reached the plate in front of us. This traditional practice also makes our body and mind prepared to receive the food with complete concentration and respect.

Janesh6Most of the vegetables used in our kitchen are cultivated in our organic farm or collected from selected local farmers and trusted merchants. One of Vaidya’s Ayurveda mission is to support the farmers in and around the area and encourage them to use natural farming methods. A part of the revenue from the trust will be used to spread the awareness among the farmers in the area about the risks of using chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and educate them the health benefits of organically grown food. As the retreat’s health policy smoking, alcohol or drugs are not allowed at the premises.

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