Janesh Vaidya

Interpreting traditional Ayurveda for the modern world. Janesh Vaidya, the Managing Director of Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village, is an internationally well-known Ayurveda practitioner and ambassador, lecturer and the author of the best selling health books in Europe.

Born in a traditional family in India Janesh Vaidya started his education in ayurveda in the early years of his life with his grandmother and extended his knowledge in the subject of Mana-shastra (psychology), Vedanta (philosophy), Dhyana (meditation), Kalari (Martial art) and Yoga therapy from the traditional village schools in South India known as gurukulam. Janesh Vaidya also has a bachelor’s degree from Mahatma Gandhi University and a master’s degree in human resources development. For more than a decade he has been traveling in Europe sharing his knowledge in the field of ayurveda through lectures, columns and books, based on his traditional knowledge in the subject and the experience in working as a practitioner of ayurveda around the world. Vaidya has done hundreds or inspirational lectures and so far he has written six books in the field of health, which has been translated and published in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Holland.

Read more about Janesh Vaidya and his work at: www.janeshvaidya.com. Try the unique test and get tools to reach your perfect health. 

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