Our guests’ satisfaction is our ultimate happiness. To make every guest’s stay the most memorable at Janesh Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village at Healing River, we also offer the following complimentary services to our guests.

  • Airport pick-up and drop (Kochi international airport)
  • WiFi in the room
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Pool
    Yoga shala
  • Mini library
  • Gift/spice shop
  • River cruise
  • Village bicycles

4 Replies to “Facilities”

Katja Reusch

Dear Janesh Vaidya and crew!
Unfortunately I did not find any hints about the costs of your wonderful retreats. Did I miss a link or something? Or do you only give information about prizes, if somebody is asking about a defined date?
With best regards


I just wonder about the prices. Cannot see any price for staying with you i Kerala for two weeks. Doesn t it cost anything?


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