Vaidya’s treatment programs

As per your health interest and convenience you can choose your ayurveda treatment program at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village Retreat. There are two-weeks, three-weeks, four-weeks and six-weeks treatment packages to choose from. All packages include individually designed diet with cleansing/rejuvenating treatments and yoga program according to your specific body-mind constitution preceded by an ayurveda health checkup with the chief physician in village. After the health check-up the chief physician will design your treatment program according to the balanced-imbalanced state of the elements in your body and mind.

We are open during all seasons to take care of our guests. Due to the high demand for Janesh Vaidya’s ayurveda retreats please write to us to check available dates before you book your flight:


2 weeks cleansing retreat
3 weeks deep cleansing retreat
4 weeks deep cleansing and rejuvenating retreat
6 weeks total treatment program – cleanse and rejuvenate

The above packages include the following:

  • Shared/single accommodation in a double room with attached toilet and shower
  • Full board ayurvedic plant based meals and beverages (5 times /day)
  • Daily ayurveda treatments and health check-ups with the chief physician (apart from arrival/departure days and Sundays)
  • Complimentary activities and workshops (schedule varies every month)
  • Airport transfer (pick up and drop – Kochi International Airport, Kerala, India)
  • Wifi


To book your retreat, write to: with the following (four) details:

  1. Number of weeks you plan to stay at Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village
  2. Preferred arrival dates
  3. Your preference of accommodation (single or shared)
  4. Total number of people (tip: more economical when two people share a room)

35 Replies to “Vaidya’s treatment programs”

Anneli thern

Hi would like some prices please. When is it cheapest to come? is 2 weeks enough?
Also do you do the Ghee treatment?

Ari Singh

I plan to come alone.
I prefer sea view room:)
Probable dates are depending on getting visa
I am planning for 4 weeks programme:will make it 6 weeks if I am happy


Hello how Much for one week for one or 2 people ? Thank you for thé 25 mai To 1st june ?
Thank you

Ana Garcia Pinto

I am interested in having more information about the programme for 6 weeks total treatment program – cleanse and rejuvenate.

Number of weeks you plan to stay at Janesh Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village – 6
Preferred arrival dates – October2019/november2019
Your preference of accommodation (single or shared – sea view or non-sea view) – single sea view
Total number of people (tip: more economical when two people share a room) – 1

thank you


I would like to know the cost for a 4 weeks program, with a single non sharing room, preferably sea view, and full board of course. I’m not sure about dates, but please provide estimate based on next year’s availability.
Thank you.

Lisa Brage

I would like to stay for 6 weeks if possible and come around this time next year.

Best Regards
Lisa Brage

Janna Martini

Hi Team, I am interested in a two weeks program beginning of November. Is there a free spot? What is the package price for it? Kind regards, Janna

Nita Silverspjuth

My namn is Nita From Sweden.
Interested in 2 week treatment in mars 2020.
Singelroom and seaview.
Alternative in january 2/1-15/1
Could you give me a price and I Will get back to you.


Hi i would like to know how much a 2 weeks retreat would be for me.Could you let me know the price in rupees please. Im looking to come next week. Many thanks FAtima

Sandrine Blasco

Buenos dias
Will you have availability from 04-01 till 26-01 (leaving very early) for 2 pers (mi and my aunt)

Aidin Alizadeh

We will stay 2 weeks.
We arive on saturday november 23 or sunday november 24 2019.
We are 3 persons. Me an my wife share a room. My daughter is single, 25 years old.
We wish to know about the price for sea view or non sea view. How much it COSTs for us, each person, 2 weeks.

Mette Melchior

Hi! Please send me information.about the prices for the different packages. O cant.find.them on the website.

Dorothee Rueter

Hello, I think about staying at your place for a four week retreat in the period of time between the first of january until 13 th of february 2020. Please let me know how much it would cost in a single room with a non sea view. I would stay at your place alone.
I am also interested in taking a course in Ayurveda Massage or Marma Massage. Do you also offer courses like that? If yes, please send me more information.
Thank you in advance, Dorothee

Valeria Rocca

Hi i would like to know the price for a week and for two weeks retreat at the end of January.

Vasundhara Mehta

Could you share the cost of each package and availability over the next 3 months for 1 person?

Ricardo Oliveira

I would like to receive information about package 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks for 2 persons and with both options prices, sea view and not
The dates would be around the 9th or 10th of March

Deepak Swarup


I would like to visit for 2 weeks in 1st week January, would like a single room with ocean view. One person.


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