During your stay at Vaidyas Ayurveda Village you meet our yoga therapist to get a personal yoga program based on your element/symtoms/imbalances.

The practice of yoga promotes the union of Zarira (body), Manas (mind) and Prana (life energy), which are the triangular base of your life on this planet. As a branch of a tree can’t survive without its roots, without the base of ayurveda yoga can’t be alive in its complete form.

More about yoga therapy here:

Individual yoga at Vaidyas Ayurveda Village YogaTherapy_VaidyasAyurvedaVillage_TalkYogaTherapy_VaidyasAyurvedaVillage_Extend

“Believe that yoga does not belong to any particular style or method, but YOU. Yoga therapy is the path of wisdom, the light that can lead you to a healthy, peaceful and complete life on this planet. And once you start to practice YOUR own yoga everything will disappear – your physical pain and mental struggling. Then you become your own therapist, the light. Then your life becomes your own path, the therapy. There everything becomes one, everything becomes you – the light, the path and the yoga.”/Janesh Vaidya (From the book Yoga is my therapy)

/Janesh Vaidya

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