Meditation is considered as one of the most effective mind practices, originated in India and developed by Buddhists in 500 BC. It is recorded in Hindu Vedantism that meditation was practiced by yogis since 1500 BC. Later, through different traditions and religions, it has developed and now many people all over the world are practicing this ancient technique as a tool for their mind development.

All of us are talented in some fields, but why is it that only some people are successful in their fields? The answer is simple; it is because of the investment of their focused mind in their areas. That means it is not just hard work, or full time engagement, but while they are engaged in their jobs, they dedicate their mind the hundred percent that gives the complete results from their efforts.

Success is not an accident. I can agree that it is the result of will power, continuous enthusiasm, never give-up mentality, etc. But remember, if your mind is not focused, your arrows won’t hit the focal points. In that state you just work hard and get tired, disappointed about the end results.

Your talents are like sunrays and if you want to set fire on a piece of paper, you have to lead the sunrays through a convex lens and focus into one single spot. Otherwise, if you directly let the sunrays shine on the paper it might get hot, but won’t catch any flame of fire. Most talents are like that, physically working hard, dreaming about their success on the way. But if you look at the most successful people in the world we can see that they are renowned for a single or a few accomplishments during their whole life. Whatever they did the rest of their life time is not important, but what they did for a few hours or a few days or a few months made them renowned in the world. That means, to be successful, they were not working for all their life time, but while working they managed to bring their talents completely into their work by using their mind as a convex lens of focus, which created the flame of success in their field.

Whatever the field you are working in, whatever your talent is, if you practice your mind to get focus, you don’t need to follow the success anymore; instead the success will follow you at all times and on all ways in your life. You don’t need to wait for the opportunities, instead the opportunities will search for your talents. And you don’t need to worry about your failures, because every failure becomes a turning point towards your success.

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