Vaidya’s Ayurveda Village is situated at the coast of the Arabian ocean in Alleppy district, Kerala, South India. The local people here on the coast are mainly fishermen using wooden boats for their living. Though a few tourists have started to find this area during the last few years it is still out of the sight from the international tourist maps. Hopefully for a few more years it will stay as the virgin village.

You can choose a health retreat according to the length of your stay at the Village. As per your health interest and convenience there are two-weeks, three-weeks, four-weeks and six-weeks treatment packages to choose from. All packages include individually designed diet with cleansing/rejuvenating treatments and yoga program according to your specific body-mind constitution preceded by an ayurveda health checkup with the chief physician. After the health check-up the chief physician will design your treatment program according to the balanced-imbalanced state of the elements in your body and mind.

The retreats are ongoing all through the year. Write to us for available dates.


2 weeks cleansing retreat

3 weeks deep cleansing retreat

4 weeks deep cleansing and rejuvenating retreat

6 weeks total treatment program – cleanse and rejuvenate

The above packages include the following:

  • Accommodation in a shared double room (with attached toilet and shower)
  • Full board ayurvedic vegetarian meals and beverages (5 times /day)
  • Daily ayurveda treatments and health check-ups with the chief physician (apart from arrival/departure days and Sundays)
  • Ayurveda herbs during the treatment period
  • Individual and group yoga therapy sessions and workshops
  • Complimentary activities (Karma yoga/Dance/Cookery/Workshops – schedule varies every month)
  • Airport transfer (pick up and drop – Kochi International Airport, Kerala, India)
  • Wifi

To book your retreat, please write to: info @ with the following (four) details:

  1. Number of weeks you plan to stay at the Village (choice of your retreat package)
  2. Choice of arrival dates
  3. Your preference of accommodation (single/double or shared)
  4. Total number of people (tip: more economical when two people share a room)

Other information

You need a valid passport, visa and return flight tickets to enter Indian territory. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of your journey. On the arrival at Kochi airport in Kerala, our team member will pick you up at the airport.

Check-in time is 2 pm on the arrival day and check-out 12 on the departure date.

Cancellation policy
If a person can’t come on the booked date with a specific reason like severe illness, on submission of the relevant certificates from the hospital, we will arrange another date according to the availability. In case of severe accidents or other emergency situations where the booked participant cannot travel for more than a year we will allow you to transfer your place to another person (additional fees can be added to match current price). If we cancel the retreat for any reason the insurance for the retreat will cover everything and the paid fee will be refunded to your account. No refund will be allowed for cancellations after arrival and start of retreat. Disputes if any, will be settled within the jurisdiction of Kochi.